Book Recommendations

8 Apr

I am working on a variety of projects, so I don’t have time to do a complete review.

But, two books I am relying on HEAVILY, and that I HIGHLY recommend are listed below.

The Gospel Story Bible, by Marty Machowski, has been a God-send for our family. It’s so hard to find Biblical children’s Bible story books that are thorough and don’t take HUGE liberties with the text. I thought I was just going to have to write one. But thankfully, we found this! It is just about as complete in its selection of stories as I could wish, walks through the Bible from start to finish, quotes a great deal of scripture in its “retelling”, and always makes a neat connection to the New Testament and Jesus at the end of each story. The stories cover one or two pages each, at the most, and the pictures are brilliant and interesting. I think you’ll LOVE this as much as we do!

One Perfect Life

One Perfect Life by John MacArthur is the “Gospel Harmony” book I’ve been waiting for. It takes a complete, chronological approach to a survey of the life of Jesus. I love how each section has the Scripture readings featured. Cleverly, and astonishingly, all the passages have been woven together, and marked, so that you can read a compilation of say, The Beatitudes, from Matthew and Luke, seamlessly. It’s really, really wonderful! This should be Lent – Pentecost reading, yearly. Or just read through it regularly some time each year! Excellent, excellent, excellent.


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