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OMG, It’s been TOO long!

28 Feb

So… I have LOTS of potential posts waiting for the time… to get to them. I hope this month I will!
Future posts:
– Ideas and pics of ways to celebrate CHRISTmas.
– Valentine’s Day redeemed
– Why I think Black History Month is an insult to all Americans
– Going Green, Animal Rights and the Gospel
– Honoring St. Patrick (the real one, not the commercial one)
– Hezekiah and Eli (Biblical observations)
– Preschool Preparations (crafting opportunities extraordinaire — ohYEAH!)

– OH, and BabyWearing (something I’m doing a lot of lately!) 🙂

Can I get all these posts done in this next month? I don’t know. But I’ll give it my best! I’m so excited to write some of these I can hardly wait until I get my “to do” list or REALLY  important pressing stuff done to make this happen… 🙂