Favorite Quotes

7 Sep

I will add to these from time to time.

For now, here’s a selection from St. Teresa of Avila, also known as “Teresa of Jesus”. Posting her quotes may seem a bit counter-intuitive on a blog titled “Reformation Lady”, as Teresa was an ardent Catholic and founded the Roman Catholic order of Carmelite nuns, which is still in practice today (side note, of all the Catholic orders, this one is my favorite — for centuries, there have been women who have felt a deep call to a life of intercessory prayer, and though I disagree somewhat with the ways this may be carried out, I heartily embrace the passion and fervor expressed by this order to answer that call and devote themselves to such a life). Teresa wrote a number of books at the insistence of those who knew her well, and her writings as well as her person are often classified as “mystic”. However, though I disagree with some of her theology where she adhered to the tenents of the Catholic faith, I do not question her love for, devotion to, and profound knowledge of Jesus Christ. It doesn’t take reading far into her autobiography called “The Life” to realize this woman loved Christ with all of her being and sought to abide in Him as faithfully as she knew how. She contributed some very insightful writings into the heart and life of faith of a Christian in love with and absolutely surrendered to Jesus, and they are worthwhile reading for any Christian desiring a deeper walk with Christ. Her writings are truly inspiring, and will cause the faithful heart to hunger and thirst for righteousness in Christ.

Thou seemest, Lord, to give severe tests to those who love Thee, but only that in the extremity of their trials they may learn the greater extremity of Thy love ~ St. Teresa of Avìla

Reflect—for this is the truth—that to those who give up everything for Him, God gives Himself ~ St. Teresa of Avìla

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One Response to “Favorite Quotes”

  1. Michelle September 3, 2011 at 3:35 pm #

    She is one of my favorites too and I am, as well, reformed, but I love studying medieval Christianity when I have the time, (even though she came right after the Middle Ages!)

    My husband graduated from Southern Seminary and it might seem odd that such a conservative pastor’s wife would like learning about this period of history, but I find that there really are a lot of treasures in the writings of Medieval saints. I might not agree with their theology, but one thing is for certain, God did an amazing work in their lives and they were undistracted in their devotion to Christ.

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