Thank You

8 Aug

A number of you, our friends and family, have been asking how we have been lately, especially me. So, I thought it might be time to give you a little bit of an update.

In April of this year, we bought our first home. We officially moved in that last week of April and have been attempting to settle in ever since. Whew! Owning a home has turned out to be A LOT more work than we anticipated. BUT, the upside is that so far it is rather enjoyable work, if sometimes tedious. We were grateful to have a place that was “move-in” ready, but are realizing it will take a WHILE before we have things (yard, landscaping, paint, belongings, remodeling) where we’d like them. Everyone tells us a house is an ongoing project. All our neighbors seem to think it requires 7 days a week (and they’ve told us as much) to get things in order and keep them that way. Which perhaps is true but really seems to me to be more of a sad commentary on the spiritual state of our culture and it’s idolatry of “things” than anything. So, in an effort to keep our house from becoming an idol and to obey the rules for living given by our Creator who knows what we need, we try to take at least one day, Saturday or Sunday, off to “keep the Sabbath” and rest. The walls won’t come tumbling down around us (though the grass may grow up to our ears!) by taking one day for rest – physical, mental and spiritual.

In June, I had surgery for an ectopic (tubal) pregnancy, which left me needing much help during 2 weeks of recovery, and very easily tired from the physical effects of a life-threatening situation. The Lord provided so much, to allow for insurance coverage of the treatments I needed, friends who kept James while we were in the hospital several times, church family to pray for and support us, as well as the wonderful help of my mother, who came during the only two weeks she had free this summer, to stay with us after my surgery. We would have been “up the creek without a paddle”, as they say, without her help during that time. She and James had a chance to really bond well, and Michael and I had a chance to get some much needed rest, work and paperwork done, too. Some of you have asked how I have been handling all this emotionally, and I have to say that the Lord is so good. I know people react to things differently at different times, and if this had happened at an ealier time, it would have probably devistated me. But I am so thankful to realize that I can trust in the Lord’s goodness in all things and Sovereignty over all things, and leave it all in His hands and move forward joyfully to what He has in store for the future.

Michael has been steadily working his way through Toyota certifications, and hopefully will be moved to a new position as a line-tech mechanic this fall. He is also beginning his seminary studies again. We are thankful for the Lord’s provisions both in schedule and finances to allow these two good changes.

James is growing like a weed. Everyday seems to bring more growth and new changes. He is so much fun, and we love to watch him grow and develop his own little personality. He has begun to run and climb everything, and so we are discovering new levels of “child-proofing” our home! He loves his stuffed animals, books, trucks and trains, and lawnmowers. He “helps” us in the yard a great deal. Bath time and “snuggle time” before bed are his and our favorite times of the day.

I am anticipating starting a music studio from home this fall, mostly to teach Kindermusik classes. But I have been toying with the idea of offering some group lessons in piano and violin for younger students. Older students seem to do well with the one-on-one approach to musical instruction, but I have noticed the typical 5-12 year old finds the social aspect of group music much more enjoyable and motivating than one-on-one teaching. So, we are busy trying to get a few rooms in our house and other things in order to make this all happen in a month or so.

That’s all the news we have for now. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers. Know that we think of you all often and remember you fondly in our prayers for you. May the Lord keep you and draw you to Himself above all things.

Peace to you!

©2010 Reformation Lady and Chandra E. Wellman. All rights reserved.


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