Some of my favorite music

3 Aug

Flame – a grammy award winning hip-hop artist, Flame delivers catchy beats and cleaver lyrics that are Gospel-centered and chock-full of solid theology. Hip-hop/Rap may not be your cup of tea (it’s not mine either!), but even so, this artist’s albums are worth your money and your time, for the depth of the issues he addresses and the profoundness of the theology he preaches. I find his music (yes, it IS music – for all you skeptics out there!) most energizing for house cleaning – and the Christocentric messages he pounds out ensure that my mind can’t help but be directed to reflect on the glory of God.


 LaCrae and Chrys Jones are two other Christian hip-hop artists worth your buck and time. Different styles, different depth of lyrics, but they pack some serious rhymes combined with some good beats and melodies as well as solid theological topics to consider in light of everyday issues.

J.S. Bach – violin partitas and cello suites. (Yes, I realize, coming right after the above musical suggestions, this is kind of like musical whiplash. But. I have a sneaking suspicion Bach would have rather enjoyed some Flame or LaCrae, were he still alive to hear them. He had a thing for complex rhythms and interesting beats. And he had a great reverence for the glory of God. Soli Deo Gloria, he wrote on most of his compositions. Not at all unlike these rappers!)These are my absolute favorites when it comes to easy listening music for relaxing, thinking, reading, writing, background noise, WHATEVER. There are numerous artists who have made outstanding recordings of these works. Take your pick.

Shane & Shane – I prefer their earlier albums, like Psalms and Carry Me Away and the like. With each album, their sound changes a bit, so the earlier, the more “acoustic”, mellow, predominantly guitar-ish it is. I like this a lot better—the lyrics are very thoughtful and worshipful, and the music lends itself to meditation and reflection. With the newer albums, they add some heavier electric instrumentation and a less reflective tempo. Quite frankly, though they are still excellent musicians, their newest album has begun to sound a lot like “everyone else” in the Christian pop music world. I find this disappointing, as one of the biggest draws for me was the fact that they were a different “flavor”. I appreciate these guys a great deal, still, though. Their lyrics almost always are either direct scripture quotations or are predominantly Biblical in theme. They are worship leaders in a local church, and consider that their most important task. While they travel a great deal (and their families are often with them), they make sure that they are home for the weekend and at other times when needed, so as not to neglect their calling to serve the local church. Integrity is a good word to describe both the men and their music.

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