More Resources

19 Jul

Here is a random list of websites and resources I have found useful/inspiring. To view the websites, click on their links at right:

Kindermusik – an early childhood developmental program that utilizes music and movement to help young children learn and develop in fun and important ways. Parents attend with their children and so the program also aims to help parents better understand and meet their children’s needs at each age. I am actually considering starting a program here in our home because this is such a great resource, so if you are interested in attending or would like to have some more information to pass on to families you know, please feel free to email me at

The Rebelution – started by two young teens (now in their early twenties), this site aims to debunk the common misconception that teenagers aren’t capable of responsibility and maturity and to spur adults and youth alike to take action to change this current concept of teenagers in our culture. Lots of great ideas, inspirational stories, and links to resources for youth leaders and young adults alike.

Desiring God and Children Desiring God – both these sites are ministries of Desiring, the resource ministry of Dr. John Piper and Bethlehem Baptist Church. There are some great books, studies, and even Sunday School and VBS materials available. All of them offer solid Biblical teaching, and I have been quite pleased with the quality of the adult materials I’ve used. I am sure the children’s division is just as good.

Compassion International – started by a former MK, this organization makes sponsorship of needy children in developing countries possible through partnership with local churches in those countries and generous-hearted people all over the word, especially in the USA. A monthly sponsorship costs under $40 for one child, and provides that child with education, medical care, personal care (clothes, food, shelter, etc.), assists the child’s family, and also provides the community where the child lives with things like potable water and other necessities.

Samaritan’s Purse – one of the foremost international disaster relief agencies. Founded by Billy Graham’s son, Franklin Graham, SP is frequently one of the first responders worldwide when disaster occurs. Because of their respected track record and ability to network with local churches, SP has a foot-in-the-door to provide aid within moments of disaster striking, while many other organizations have to struggle and wait in line to get to hard-hit locations. They have many options for giving and providing assistance, and run the popular “Operation Christmas Child” program every year to provide needed and fun items to impoverished children all over the world in shoebox size packages.

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