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17 Jul

Resource Suggestions – I highly recommend these!

On July 12th, I heard three great programs aired on our Christian Radio station. I will try to link them to this page, but if I don’t succeed, you can click in my links on the right and find the ministries listed and look through their archives for the July 12th broadcasts.

Focus on the Family – Hosted Dr. Richard Swenson, an expert at observing  cultural and social trends and understanding the ramifications they have for Christians. He has written several books on using time wisely, understanding the signs of our times, and managing our resources. This broadcast delt with understanding the need for simplifying our lives and how that runs countercultural to the very workings of “progress”. It provided some really helpful insight into what is going on in this time of history that we are living in, gave some good projections of where we are headed, and offered some helpful ideas of how to address this in our own lives from a Christian perspective. July 12th,  and July 13th, .

Family Life Today – Hosted Dr. Ken Hemphill, who is also author of numerous books. On this particular show, he was addressing the importance of raising our children with a Kingdom outlook. He offered some very practical suggestions of how to do this, as well as a very reasoned Biblical defense for why to do this. The follow-up broadcast on the next day was also insightful. July 12th, , July 13th,

Renewing Your Mind – A radio outreach of Ligonier Ministries, this broadcast featured Dr. R. C. Sproul, Jr. on “The Goal of Education”. He was speaking to a gathering of Christian educators on understanding not only the importance of education (to which we all agree, Christian or unbeliever) but on the ultimate purpose or reason for education. Again, this was really quite thought provoking. The follow up broadcast wasn’t quite as interestesting but was still good, too. July 12th, and July 13th

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