Book Review

17 Jul

Miracles by C. S. Lewis

You don’t have to know me long before you realize that one of my all-time favorite authors is C. S. Lewis. And if you have never heard of him, or have never read any of his works, let me take a moment to encourage you to ammend this oversight! He is one of the foremost lay-theologians/apologeticists of the 20th century and arguably one of the greatest minds to ever live. His writings are masterful and his exact though imaginative use of language easily places his work among the “classics” of literary excellence. Whether you are a Christian or questioner  or unbeliever, or just plain don’t care about that sort of thing, it doesn’t matter. You will find a great appreciation for and enjoyment of Lewis, even if he makes you “hopping mad” while you’re at it!

His most famous works include Screwtape Letters, Chronicles of Narnia, Mere Christianity and The Four Loves. If you have never read any Lewis, I recommend starting with his autobiography Surprised by Joy. This will help you to better understand his thoughts and allusions in the rest of his writings. Beyond that, where you begin is up to you. He offers quite a variety to choose from, everything from fantasy to poetry, to letters, to word studies to apologetics and theological treatises.

Which brings me to the book I want to recommend here, Miracles. I have been a Lewis fan for a long time and read much of his published work. So I was a bit surprised when my husband brought home a smallish book I had never heard of. It sat on our shelf for over a year before I decided to pick it up and read. What I found has astonished me. Of all the Lewis I have read, this is my absolute favorite. In fact, I would dare say it is in my opinion his most masterful work of apologetics. In it he provides some of the deepest and clearest defenses against common misconceptions and objections for the supernatural and natural, and for the essence and necessity of miracles as central to the Christian faith, that I have ever encountered. It is not easy reading, let me warn you. But if you really want to come to terms with some profound logic and insight for a better defense of the hope we have in Christ, for a deeper understanding of the goodness and glory of God, then this is a must read. And if you are a “questioner” and are looking for some reasonable answers to problems and objections you find with the Christian faith, look no further than this little book. What you will find there will certainly give you some real “food for thought” to chew on. Why this is not a better known and more talked-about book, especially in Christian thinking and apologetic circles, I do not know. It’s quite a shame it seems to have such a low profile among his other writings.

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